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Inner Child

Kara Edstrom March 16, 2021

Have you ever asked yourself, “Who am I?”

You may have asked yourself and felt this many different times throughout your life, in the transition from a child to a teenager or teenager to an adult; when graduating from college and searching for a career; when entering a relationship and needing to figure out who you are as you intertwine your life with someone else’s life.

The sweet fragrance of Inner Child may encourage you to connect with your authentic self.

Inner Child

Inner Child is an excellent oil for those of us who take things a little too seriously. The fragrance of Inner Child revives memories that reconnect us to ourselves. This is one of the first steps to harmonize and stabilize our emotions.

When children experience trauma, they often loose connection to their inner self or inner child. Feelings of shame and confusion are the results of their shattered personalities. This can be experienced as a great hindrance, especially in the time from adolescence until midlife. This condition is commonly described as a midlife crisis.

This fragrance helps one reconnect with the inner self and help find emotional balance. Inner Child can be used to release feelings such as clearing cellular memory, desertion, distortion, and erratic energy.

What’s In Inner Child

Inner Child consists of:

  • Tangerine (Citrus reticulata) contains ester and aldehydes, which support calming and relaxing in times of fear and nervousness.
  • Lemongrass (Cymbopogon citratus) supports blood circulation and invigorates the spirit; it is purifying and increases wakefulness.
  • Neroli (Citrus sinensis) – blossom of orange – brings what is important into our field of vision; casts out fear, depression and disturbed sleep.
  • Royal Hawaiian Sandalwood (Santalum album): Due to its high percentage in sesquiterpenes, Sandalwood stimulates our pineal gland and limbic system. It enables us to become silent and dive into meditation. Sandalwood may release unfavorable cellular memories and reprogram the cells.
  • Orange (Citrus sinensis) provides lightness, relaxation, and a feeling of security for body, mind and emotions.
  • Jasmine (Jasminum officinale) acts on the emotional and physical plane. It is an ideal companion in times of indecision, hopelessness and low vigor.
  • Ylang Ylang (Cananga odorata) supports relaxation, balances yin and yang energies and increases self-confidence.
  • Spruce: A good starting point when it comes to releasing emotional patterns and getting grounded. Spruce not only brings harmony into our being, it is also known as the fragrance with the frequency of wealth.
  • Sweet Almond Oil

Inner Child And Identity

Many times we need to go back to our inner child to find our identity. This oil helps establish your identity.

Women, especially, deal with this issue. They are not always called by their names. Many times when you are a child, you are Susie or Liz, then you get married and your are Mrs. Jones or Scott’s wife, then you have children and you are Riley’s mom or Alex’s mom. You lose your identity, and that can make you feel like you don’t know who you are.

Inner Child helps you identify with who you are. When you see you really are OK, you are re-coding the DNA on the cellular level and build yourself up to who you really are.

Inner Child and Divorce

Many times a man or woman who go through a divorce feel like their identity is shot and can never be successful at marriage again. They can’t be a great parent if the kids are left. Then they go into the next marriage with feelings of failure of being a bad spouse or parent, and guess who is the recipient of it? The next spouse.

The sweet fragrance of Inner Child can be used aromatically to encourage you to connect with your authentic self. This blend helps bring levity to issues that have been so heavy and hurtful in our childhood memory banks.

How To Use Inner Child

Inner Child is for aromatic and topical use.

  • Use Inner Child on the pad of the thumb. Press it on the roof of the mouth and just breathe. Like sucking a thumb.
  • Apply this oil to the temples, around navel, on chest, neck and around nose. If you ever sense that you want to apply elsewhere, do it. There is no right or wrong way to place them.
  • Put a few drops in your hands, rub together and inhale. This can help you find emotional stability and bring joy to your heart, mind, and body.
  • With it’s fresh and floral scent, this oil is a wonderful oil to wear on wrists as a perfume.
  • Inner Child can also help us see ourselves with more clarity. Diffuse this blend when trying to come to terms with a harsh truth about yourself.
  • Reconnect with your Inner Child and reconnect with your creative self. Diffuse this oil and give yourself permission to color outside the lines
  • Diffuse up to 1 hour 3 times daily.
  • For children, use Citrus Fresh instead of Inner Child to take you to the space of your childhood.