Ready to try something new but don’t know where to start? There’s a simple solution waiting. We’ve got 30 Young Living must-haves that each cost less than $30!*

Want an afternoon pick-me-up? Diffuse Peppermint essential oil for an energizing aroma. Need a calming bath after you put the kids to bed? Drop a Lavender Calming Bath Bomb in your tub. Stuck in traffic and want to feel like you’re driving coastal highways instead? Pop in a citrus scent to your Car Vent Diffuser.  Find even more easy-to-try offerings below!

*Under $30 applies to members who order at wholesale prices and is not applicable to retail customers. It reflects pricing at the publication date and is in U.S. dollars.

Cardamom essential oil
  • 1. Cardamom essential oil, $26

    This spicy number is a part of the ginger family, and its exotic vibes will take your essential oil collection to new places. Diffuse it or apply it topically when you need to hit the refresh button with an exquisite scent.

  • 2. Mastrante essential oil, $26.50

    When you want to give off a down-to-earth vibe, reach for this glow-master oil to infuse in your skin care routine.

  • 3. Hyssop essential oil, $26

    Feeling creative? Sweeten your surroundings with this sacred oil when you’re tackling a project.

  • 4. Gratitude™ essential oil blend, $27

    Reflection can promote a positive perspective. Whether you’re journaling or meditating, put a drop of this uplifting scent on your wrists to invite an appreciative mindset.

  • 5. Blue Cypress essential oil, $29.75

    Board games are best played in a cozy cabin by the fire. Plan a family night in and diffuse this woodsy aroma to capture “flannel and family” vibes.

  • 6. Hinoki essential oil, $25.50

    Whether you’re soul-searching through meditation or escaping kid chaos, place a couple drops of this oil on your palm and breathe deep for a calming aroma.

  • 7. Ravintsara essential oil, $28.50

    Seeking skin solutions? Add a drop or two of this pleasant, clean scent to your skin care routine and soak up its cleansing properties.

  • 8. Humility™ essential oil blend, $27

    When times get tough, diffuse this blend to promote spiritual awareness.

  • 9. Lavender essential oil, $24.25

    Lavender’s earned its popularity for good reason. From classic scents to skin care, you can use this fresh, floral oil anytime, anywhere!

Bergamot essential oil
  • 10. Bergamot essential oil, $27.75

    Luxury deserves a spot in every room. Diffuse this effervescent citrus aroma throughout your home to elevate your day-to-day.

  • 11. Sage essential oil, $29

    Clarifying, spicy, strong, uplifting—all bottled up and ready to be unleashed! Send this complex scent throughout your home for sweet vibes.

  • 12. Basil essential oil, $25.50

    Delicious aromas don’t have to be stuck in the kitchen. Make home feel like an Italian villa by diffusing herbaceous basil and lemon essential oil anywhere in your home.

Basil essential oil
  • 19. Orb™ Diffuser, $26.50

    Turn drive time into “me” time. Add your favorite essential oils to this portable, spill-proof orb and diffuse inspiring scents all the way to your next stop.

  • 20. Bath bombs, $25.75

    A bath before bed is best with a burst of essential oils. Unwind with our Lavender or Stress Away™ Bath Bombs and soak in the relaxation!

  • 21. ART® Refreshing Toner, $24.75

    Toning may be a focus in your workouts, but have you made it a focus in your skin care routine? Gently apply this clean, refreshing toner to your face after cleansing to clear away unwanted impurities.

Lavender Bath Bombs

       26. Animal Scents® Ointment, $24.75

Your fur babies deserve the royal treatment too! Moisturize, soothe, and soften their skin with a non-toxic formula suitable for most animals.

  • 27. Thieves® Laundry Soap, $29.50


    Thieves Laundry Soap

    A little goes a long way with this citrus-scented soap. Wash your clothes with a gentle, effective, plant-based product you can trust.

  • 28. Thieves® Hand Sanitizer, $27.25

    Germs are everywhere. Armor up with a Peppermint– and  Thieves® essential oil blend-infused sanitizer that kills 99 percent of germs while leaving your hands super soft.

  • 29. Life 9®, $29.50

    When you’re enlisting supplements to aid your wellness journey, add Life 9 to the list. This probiotic combines 17 billion live cultures, promotes healthy digestion, and maintains intestinal function!^

  • 30. Super C™ Tablets, $29.50

    Vitamin C is a must-have in maintaining wellness. Supercharge your body with Super C, a tablet that contains 1,440 percent of the recommended daily intake of Vitamin C.^

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