Lindsey talks Chakra and Essential & Member Questions
Meet our Top Blends
Want to know what’s in our most popular oil blends like R.C.™ or Purification®? Let’s start at the source! Great essential…
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Where To Apply Essential Oils On Your Body
Anytime you apply, rub, or massage essential oils into your skin, your experience starts with sensory receptors. These receptor cells are all…
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Mix And Match: Essential Oil Scent Combinations
You’re no amateur when it comes to creating inspiring scents with essential oil blending. You’ve mastered the favorites: Cinnamon Bark + Orange, Lavender + Peppermint, Lemon + Lime. Now it’s time to…
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Raise The Bar With Homemade Exfoliating Soap
Dry, itchy skin got you down? Don’t worry, there’s hope—or rather, soap—for that! With our all-natural, homemade exfoliating soaps, hydrated…
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