Even if you aren’t familiar with the term resin, you’re surely familiar with the resin essential oils. Frankincense, Myrrh, Elemi, and Palo Santo all come from tree resin to make the grounding, earthy oils you know and love.

But are you tapping into the full potential of these extraordinary EOs? Step up your game with these fun facts and usage tips that will have you obsessin’ over resin.

What are resin essential oils?

Resin is a sap-like substance produced by trees. It flows out of tiny holes in the bark and then hardens to form a barrier against pests. The process of creating these holes and harvesting the resin is called tree tapping. When done correctly, tapping causes no harm to the tree and is a sustainable method for extracting the resin used to obtain essential oils.

Most natural resin is amber colored, similar to honey, but its shade can vary from pale yellow to dark brown. After being harvested, resin can be chopped or powdered and made into incense or it can be steam distilled to extract essential oils.

How to use resin essential oils

While resins are highly beneficial aromatics on their own, the essential oils derived from them create a whole new world of possibilities. From enhancing personal care products to elevating your daily routines, here are 13 ways to use resin essential oils.

Frankincense essential oil

Also found in: Boswellia Wrinkle CreamHighest Potential™Awaken™, and Brain Power™

Fun fact: Young Living’s Frankincense oil comes from the resin of Boswellia carterii trees located in northern Africa, near the Arabian Peninsula.

What sets it apart: A Young Living favorite and top sellerFrankincense is just as useful in your skin care routine as it is in your spiritual reflection.

How to use Frankincense

  • Diffuse it to elevate your surroundings and inspire greater connectedness.
  • Add it to face moisturizer every morning or night to fast track your way to smooth, supple-looking skin.
  • Combine it with a carrier oil and massage into neck, shoulders, and other tired muscles when you “knead” to unwind.
  • Try its cousin, Sacred Frankincense. Learn more about the two oils and why they were once considered more valuable than gold!
Frankincense essential oil

YL tip: If you’re interested in the ancient practice of burning resin, check out our frankincense resin and resin burner.

Myrrh essential oil

Also found in: ClaraDerm™ SprayAbundance™, and Essential Beauty™ Serum

Fun fact: Myrrh comes from the Arabic word murr meaning “bitter,” but you’d never guess it from the oil’s sweet scent.

What sets it apart: Myrrh’s moisturizing properties make it a great addition to lotions and body creams.

How to use Myrrh

  • Make your hair dreams a reality by adding a drop to conditioner every other day.
  • Diffuse it with Patchouli and Grapefruit for a spicy-sweet scent and cheerful atmosphere.
  • Put a drop on the crown of your head before you walk out the door for a mindful fragrance all day long.
Myrrh essential oil

Elemi essential oil

Also found in: KidScents® Owie™ and Cool Azul™ essential oil blend

Fun fact: Our Elemi essential oil comes from our very own Happy Pili Tree Farm in the Philippines.

What sets it apart: Elemi’s gentle fragrance is subtler and more honey-like than the others on this list.

How to use Elemi

  • Rub a drop onto temples at bedtime to help you feel more zen and ready to catch some zzzs.
  • Diffuse it with woodsy oils like Pine or Cypress for an earthy (and down-to-earth) experience.
  • Add it to a deeply moisturizing face mask like ART® Creme Masque and soak up the scent-sational goodness.
Elemi essential oil

Palo Santo essential oil

Also found in: Transformation™ and KidScents® SniffleEase™

Fun fact: Many people use Palo Santo to cleanse spaces of stale or negative energy.

What sets it apart: Our mindfulness guruPalo Santo has an irresistible scent that pulls you into the present moment.

How to use Palo Santo

  • Make bath salts using 2-3 drops each of all four resin oils and 2 cups of Epsom salt.
  • Put a drop on your yoga mat and inhale the balancing aroma as you perfect those sun salutations.
  • Diffuse it when you need to get centered and unlock your creative side.
palo santo essential oil

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