Starting YOUR Young Living Business- A system for Success

Tara Carlson · March 23, 2021

Congratulations on making the DECISION to begin the journey of entrepreneurship!

Or….. have you really made the decision that this business is truly for you?

When I enrolled back in 1999 there were many things that held me back from truly committing to “doing” YL as a business.  For one thing, I DID NOT like the word “network marketing” and all that I thought it stood for.  Looking back when I told the girl who enrolled me I was interested in the business I had no idea that ALL of my limiting beliefs would continually sabotage me from moving forward for 9 years.

I was what I would call a dabbler.  A taught a class here and there because I was truly passionate about what the oils had done for me, but people seriously had to beg me to enroll.  Nine years after joining I finally made the DECISION in 2008 to make Young Living my primary business.  I can tell you with all sincerity that the day you TRULY “decide” is a day you will remember!

There are 3 characteristics of people who continually advance in this career.

They are:

  1.  Hungry- to do whatever it takes
  2. Willing- to learn what is needed and accept all the challenges of the unknown.  They embrace the unknown
  3.  Coachable- they understand that others have gone before them and they will not know everything so they seek out help and knowledge.

Now please don’t think I expect you to become a Royal Crown Diamond.  That is YOUR DECISION.  Only YOU set your goals and expectations of yourself.   I am here to give you a system to achieve those goals.

If you became a Brand Partner to start making money to pay for your products EXCELLENT!

If you joined to earn extra income to start saving for retirement, give more to charities, save up to get your kids off to college, or make the car payment that is INCREDIBLE and you have the entrepreneurial spirit!

After YEARs working with various coaches I have learned you need 3 things to stick with your GOAL.

  1.  Mindset- a set of attitudes held by someone.  We must first establish a baseline of where you are at, then put a system/plan together to make sure we strengthen your mindset.  If you do not the likely hood of you sticking with this or advancing is very low.
  2. Your Story- You talk to yourself more than anyone else will.  Why are you choosing to do YL as a business and how does it align with your purpose?  Does it?  lets dig and figure it out
  3. Strategy- most people enroll and then say, “ok, tell me what to do”. Well go out and start sharing.  You can definitely do this and you will get some people excited and they will enroll and you will receive a check.  If you wish to keep that momentum going forward you must address numbers 1 and 2 as you do this.  Many people think they want to do this as a business and like the idea of all that it can give you.  But they do not understand what they have said YES to.

This course will walk you through the necessary steps to help you move closer to your goals.


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